Asia Minor

Expeditions to Asia Minor (1881–1884)

In 1881, Otto Berndorf (1838–1907), Head of the Institute for Classical Archaeology in Vienna, initiated together with Felix von Luschan, George Niemann, Karl Graf Lanckoroński and the court photographer Wilhelm Burger a first expedition to Lycia in the southwest of Turkey.
The main goal of the expedition was to rediscover the Heroon of Trysa, a burial district and one of the most important testimonies of the history of ancient civilisations. The Heroon of Trysa was originally discovered by Julius August Schönborn during one of his explorations in 1841 but fell into oblivion after his death.
Otto Berndorf’s expedition succeeded in April 1881, when the explorers finally rediscovered the Lycian burial monument. Due to the great enthusiasm about the rediscovery of the intact burial district, Berndorf decided to organise a transport of the findings to Vienna. Within a second expedition and after several negotiations with the Turkish authorities, the reliefs were finally transported to Vienna in 1882. Only a few parts had to be left behind but were also brought to Vienna in 1884 within a third expedition, lead by Gabriel Knaffl.
The collection “Expeditions to Asia Minor” shows extraordinary pictures of the original habitat of the Heroon of Trysa as well as various other impressions of the expeditions to Asia Minor.

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1880 - 1884
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