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Journey around the world by Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este (1892–1893)

Franz Ferdinand (1863–1914) was Archduke of Austria-Este, and from 1889 until his death, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Having fallen ill with lung tuberculosis for several times and on the advice of his doctors, Franz Ferdinand decided to go on a journey around the world from 1892-1893. Not to nourish further rumours about the bad health condition of the Archduke, the journey on the “SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth” was officially declared a scientific expedition.
The travel route led Franz Ferdinand and his entourage from Trieste through the Suez Canal to India, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Japan. From Japan, the journey went ahead beyond the Pacific Ocean to Canada, where the crew traveled from Vancouver to New York City and finally head back to Europe beyond the Atlantic Ocean. After his return home, Franz Ferdinand documented the impressions of his journey around the world in a diary, published in two volumes “Diary of my Journey around the world” (Tagebuch meiner Reise um die Erde [Wien, Alfred Hölder, 1895]). The collection “Around the world” contains 151 pictures taken by Eduard Hodek jun. during the expedition.

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1890 - 1894
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